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Amanda Burton

I welcome visitors to my site.
For those of you who are interested in gaining  professional knowledge and skills in one of the most attractive areas of modern radiophysics, namely, in the theory of radio wave propagation, as well as those who are interested in their practical engineering applications, I suggest subscribing to online lecture course based on my textbook - RADIO WAVE PROPAGATION FUNDAMENTALS, which was published in December 2020 by Artech House. The proposed lectures are designed for students of master's degree studies, postgraduate students of relevant specialties, as well as specialists in engineering fields - such as analog and digital communication systems, wireless local area networks (WLAN-s),radar and navigation systems, radio astronomy, etc.
The lecture course may also be useful for undergraduate students and the wider  range of people interested in these areas of engineering knowledge and technology.
For those interested in obtaining a certificate of completion of the course,  homework is requested. Submitted homework assignments will be graded on a ten-point scale and certificates will be issued to those whose average score on all submitted assignments exceeds a set threshold.
I hope that the time and effort you spend will turn into significant achievements  and accomplishments for you in your career and professional activities.
I wish you every success.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Artem Saakian

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