Theme 9
Basic Policy
1. The proposed series of lectures on this "Radio Wave Propagation" course is designed for the entry level EE graduate students who is specializing in radar, navigation and RF wireless communication systems, as well as in radiophysics and other related areas of science and technology. It may also be useful for the undergraduate students in the above areas, who wish to deepen their knowledge in this subject of modern radiophysics. It may also be useful for professionals in these areas in their daily professional events.

2. The course consists of 28 lectures, the list of which is given by the link in the menu bar above. The lectures are based on the materials of the textbook referenced on the title slide of each lecture. The numbering of sections, formulas, tables, and figures is made in accordance with the numbering adopted in the textbook. The exceptions are formulas, tables and figures marked with an asterisk, which are introduced additionally to facilitate understanding of the lecture materials.

3. There are three forms of registration, offered for the course attendance:
Plan A) registration for a full course with a Certificate of Completion,
Plan B) registration for a full course without a Certificate of Completion, and
Plan C) registration for individual lectures from the presented list of lectures (see menu bar above).
Prices are listed in the pricelist (see menu bar above).

4. Students who are registered for a full course with a Certificate of Completion must submit online the homework assignments completed in the form of problems’ solutions. The homework assignments are given at the end of the lectures (see reference link in menu bar on this page above). Each homework will be evaluated on a basis of 0-to-10 scale and a certificate will be issued if the average score is not lower than 7.5. Each homework can be submitted either within 2 days after the proper lecture, or all together, in a bundle, as a single document - within a week after attending the whole lecture cycle. Completed homework assignments are accepted in WORD, Excel, or PDF formats.

5. Students who are enrolled in a full course without a Certificate of Completion may have an opportunity to register additionally for a certificate only after they have completed (attended) the full course and submitted all completed homework afterwards. Note that in addition to the fact that the homework assignments are given at the end of the lectures, their list is also available as a separate sheet (see a reference link in menu bar on this page above).
6. After the completion of the attendance in accordance with the selected registration form, each student will be given the chance to submit a review either for the full course, or for a single/separate lecture (or a group of lectures). We will be very grateful for your objective feedback, which can help greatly to improve not only the content of the lectures, but also the form of their presentation.